June 6, 2016

About me

Who is Marc McClain? 

Marc McClainThere is no simple answer to give. Let’s start with “a citizen of the world”. Having lived in many countries such as the US, Sweden, Spain, United Kingdom, the Gambia and now the in Netherlands, I guess you could say I like cultural diversity. I love learning new languages (currently learning Russian), and exploring the new perspectives those cultures bring me.

In 2018, I completed an MSc in International Development Studies at the University of Amsterdam. Together with students from India, Lebanon, Colombia, France, and many more countries, we explored the main reasons why inequality exists in the world. Why do some people do not have access to basic human necessities such as clean water, healthcare, security, and education? I explored what roles organizations such as the IMF, UN, and other large NGO’s play in maintaining the current power relations between the Global North and South.

For example, when the most important issue you face is whether there will be food on the table for dinner, core values such as loyalty, friendship, and honesty, might become much less important. In that case, survival supercedes all other values. I learned this when I lived in the Gambia.

In my Urban Exploration photography, I also try to challenge common values relating to aesthetics. Personally, I find beauty in decay, seeing nature take over a place once dominated by humans. I try to Imagine what the abandoned factory, prison, church, or old house used to be like when people were living and working there.  What did their lives look like? Why was it abandoned?

To make a long story short, I strongly believe in Neale Walsh’s motto:  “LIFE BEGINS AT THE END OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE”.  Never stop learning!

I hope you enjoy my work and I welcome any feedback. You can leave me a message in the contact section on the homepage.  I am also available for custom projects and my work is for sale as well.

Thanks for stopping by!

Goodbye! Tot ziens! До свидания! Adiós! Au Revoir! Mangi dem!