June 23, 2016


Pictures tell stories that otherwise might not be told. Let’s challenge our preconceived notions and focus only on what is really present, leaving our judgement behind.

LGBTI Rights

Although much has been in achieved in the seeking of equality for the LGBTI community, there still remains a stigma attached to being gay or lesbian in many parts of the world. Unfortately ignorance and religion are large contributing factors to this. What we don’t know we fear. Most importantly we just need to learn to love eachother, irrespective of race, colour of skin, religion, or sexual orientation.


Refugee Crisis

I have spent the past twelve years volunteering at the National Refugee Organisation of the Netherlands, and have seen with my own eyes the difficulties people face when leaving everything behind and starting over in a new country. My time living in the Gambia has also taught me some important lessons about why people choose to leave their home, family, friends, and everything they cherish at home. It is not a decision one takes lightly. Read more about my experiences working with refugees in the STORIES section.


COC Amsterdam Shakespeare Festival Europride 2016

I volunteer for COC Amsterdam, a LGBTI advocacy rights organisation. As part of the editorial team I work as a photographer and lead a team of translators. This summer, it was the 70th anniversary of the COC. During a two week period, all their activities were highlighted, as well as past and present achievements. Here are some of the highlights of this event.