October 29, 2016

The Gambia

“The Smiling Coast of Africa”.  A beautiful country with very special people. Unfortunately ruled by a ruthless dictator who represses human rights, curtails freedom of the press, routinely imprisons and tortures members of the opposition, threatened to slit the throats of any LBGT, and rules the country with an iron fist. Living in the Gambia for six months was an eye-opening experience, and made truly value the freedoms that we take for granted in Western Europe. Read more about my time there in the STORIES section.

During my six months in the Gambia, I worked as a volunteer development consultant for the Foundation Adult Education the Gambia, I oversaw a number of projects involving literacy training, computer education, and agricultural education. Besides my regular work activities I embarked often on journeys into the less developed areas, encountering local villagers, farmers, and places of great natural beauty. Despite the ever prevalent poverty that inevitably leads to hunger and malnutrition, the lack of basic amenities such as drinking water, electricity, and access to healthcare, the people of the Gambia are some of the most joyful and friendly people I have met.

In the galleries below I have tried to show all aspects of life in the Gambia.

Graduation Ceremony


Communal Women’s Garden in Gunjur



Flora, fauna, and landscapes



People and places I encountered along the way



Sunrise at Kalagi



The dead forest